American Friends of Rabin Medical Center

We support innovative medical treatment and healthcare at Israel’s Rabin Medical Center for one million patients annually. Partnering with the hospital, we promote the best care, research and technology to reach new frontiers in global medicine. We facilitate international medical fellowships with individual and corporate support for the hospital.

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Breaking News and Innovations

Israel's Leading Hospital System Uses BioHitech America's Unique Solution to Dispose of Food Waste

BioHitech America, the most innovative and sustainable solution to food waste removal, along with its Israeli Distributor Ramnoa Municipal Services, announced an expanded relationship with [Rabin Medical Center], Israel's leading hospital system.

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A Word From Our Latest Rabin Medical Exchange Visiting Fellow: Dr. Nadav Sahar

Our latest Rabin Medical Exchange Visiting Fellow at the University of California San Diego’s Gastroenterology Department, Dr. Nadav Sahar took a moment to chat with us.

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The War In Gaza and Operation Protective Edge: Dr. Leor Perl's First Hand Account (Abraham & Yvonne Cohen Cardiac & Medical Exchange Fellow)

For the last 36 days I have been on active duty, serving in a reserve infantry battalion under an "extra active service" order, as part of "Operation Protective Edge" and Israel's war in Gaza against Hamas.

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Facts & Figures

Helen Schneider Women’s Hospital Care at Rabin Medical Center

24,900 Emergency Room Visits
22,000 Ultrasounds Performed
20,256 Maternity Emergency Room Visits
10,207 IVF Clinics Performed
9,123 Outpatient Clinics Performed

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