Projects Funded

New Emergency & Trauma Center

In 2015, Rabin Medical Center proudly inaugurated the new Jusidman ER & Trauma Center. It includes a Level One Trauma Unit, Fast-Track Clinic, Triage and Admittance, Imagining Facilities, and other support services, as well as an Emergency Care Wing for Acute Care. It contains advance diagnostic and life-saving equipment to cope with large scale disasters.

BRCA Multidisciplinary
The BRCA Multidisciplinary Clinic at the Davidoff Cancer Center-a world class facility whose sole focus is on the treatment and prevention of cancer. The BRCA Multidisciplinary Clinic to serve women at high risk of breast and ovarian cancer as well as research to find cures for breast and ovarian cancers at Rabin Medical Center's Davidoff Cancer Center.

60 Rabin Medical Exchange Fellows
The Rabin Medical Exchange Fellows program selects top doctors, researchers and medical practitioners from hospitals and research centers in the United States and Israel to conduct research and share expertise in each other’s institutions. A fellow can be sponsored and named for $5k-$10k for two to four weeks and $30k for one year fellowship.

Prostate Research
Rabin Medical Center now conducts screening in men for the presence of the BRCA gene, which may cause prostate cancer. A recent study, entitled “Personalized Prostate Cancer Screening among Men with High Risk Genetic Predisposition” by Dr. Margel of the Urology Department at Rabin Medical Center, aims to determine the prevalence, stage and pathology of screen detected prostate cancer in BRCA1/ BRCA 2. This study has the potential to impact BRCA research and clinical management of prostate cancer. It may lead to future measures that can either help treat or prevent prostate cancer.

Nursing Fellowships
Studying nursing can be the participant's first step in his/her personal fight against poverty. This profession can ensure long-term, stable employment in a high-quality work environment. Help fund an Ethiopian Nursing Student through the following gifts: $3,500: Nursing Certification Tuition for 1 year. $7,000: Nursing Certification Diploma Tuition for 2.5 years. $14,000: Nursing Certification and Bachelor’s Degree Tuition for 4 years.

Transplantation Center
Rabin Medical Center is the only hospital in Israel performing transplantation on the full range of organs with a dedicated Transplantation Department. As the premier organ transplant facility in Israel, the Rabin Medical Center performs 75% of Israel’s transplants and provides comprehensive care to patients with end organ failure.

AML Research
The Davidoff Cancer Center is the most sophisticated and innovative facility in the Middle East for the treatment of malignant diseases, delivering comprehensive medical treatment to over 16% of Israel's cancer patients. Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) research is currently at the forefront at Israel’s Rabin Medical Center’s Davidoff Cancer Center. The Center has a multidisciplinary team with leading medical experts in all the essential fields, including eminent and renowned physicians and nurses, work together to develop the best individual therapy plan for each and every patient, doing their utmost to provide top-quality curative and palliative care. Furthermore, they are involved in extensive research to uncover new and innovative treatment options.