A Gift Inaugurating the David Baruch Day Care Floor

L-R: David Baruch, Itzhak Ohayon–Mayor of Petah Tikva, Richard H. Jones–US Ambassador to Israel, Prof. Ofer Shpilberg–Director, Institute of Hematology, Dr. Dan Oppenheim–CEO, Rabin Medical Center, Prof. Jack Baniel–Director, Urologic Wing, Yakov Ben-Yizri–Minister of Health

On the evening of May 7th, 2006, David Baruch from Fort Lee, New Jersey, accompanied by his three children Assaf, Sharon and Karen, officially inaugurated the David Baruch Day Care Floor at the Davidoff Cancer Center. The three wings on the floor are named in memory of David's beloved parents Salima and Saleh Baruch and his nephew Doron Baruch. Assaf, who spoke on behalf of the children, spoke proudly of this accomplishment: "This project is the realization of a dream for my father in memory of his parents and our grandparents, in a way that would save the lives of others. I only hope that one day we can do the same for him."

David Baruch generously donated toward establishing the Day Care Department that will provide thousands of patients every year with a "hotel" level of in-patient services equivalent to only several foremost cancer centers around the globe. Here the patients receive the most up-to-date treatments developed by multi- disciplinary teams of experts utilizing methods in practice today by leading cancer centers worldwide. The staff benefit from practicing in an environment that affords ultimate state of the art conditions and comfort, which is conducive toward maximum professional staff performance. Each day the Day Care Floor treats 120 cancer patients requiring chemotherapy treatment, with an emphasis on comfort, privacy and compassion.

Many distinguished guests attended the ceremony, including the Minster of Health, Yacov Ben-Yizri; American Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Richard H. Jones; Mr. Zeev Vurembrand, CEO of Clalit Health Services; and Nava Barak, President of Israeli Friends of Rabin Medical Center.

Mr. Zeev Verumbrand, CEO of Clalit Health Services, remarked: "The Davidoff Center sets a new standard of care for cancer patients in Israel on the level of medicine and on the level of service now being offered. The inauguration of the Baruch Day Care Floor is another stage in completing a medical center that will serve as a lighthouse to the Israeli public health system."

Dr. Dan Oppenheim, CEO of Rabin Medical Center, who initiated this center and helped bring it from dream to reality, reflected: "thanks to the generous donation of Mr. David Baruch, the Day Care Floor will provide a warm inviting home to so many cancer patients struggling every day with this painful disease." Thanks to the generosity of people like David Baruch the Rabin Medical Center can continue to offer out patients the best medical advances possible.

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