The Dina Academic School of Nursing 2015 Scholars

The Dina Academic Nursing School on the campus of the Rabin Medical Center is the largest academic center of the Clalit Health Services. It is also a branch of the nursing faculty of Tel-Aviv University and has held the internationally recognized standard of quality ISO-9001 since 2007.

High quality nurses are in great demand at hospitals and medical institutions and it is vital that we encourage students from all across the state of Israel to enroll in advanced studies and professional nursing training. Israel’s Rabin Medical Center’s Dina Nursing School recognizes the enormous importance of career training for a nursing degree or certificate, and is committed to continuing its support in this vital field.

At the Dina Nursing School, we believe within the humanitarian duty of social responsibility to provide moral and humane support within the community. As a result, we have developed a unique "Nursing as a Socio-Political Force Program" of community involvement for our nursing students. Subjects included in the nursing curriculum are gender and health, with the emphasis on women in society; development of the student's sensitivity towards various cultures; characteristics and needs of vulnerable sectors in Israeli society and political power; and the development of leadership in society. The program includes volunteering in various community organizations, using the nursing students' accumulated knowledge and professional tools to strengthen these groups.

Thank you for your support of our current nursing students in the AFRMC Nursing Scholarship Program:

Yael Mizrahi, 3rd year BA nursing student
Maya Seades, 3rd year BA nursing student
Olga Tzareov, 3rd year BA nursing student
Inna Michaelov, 3rd year BA nursing student
Shir Rosenberg, 2rd year BA nursing student
Moran Vitman, 2rd year BA nursing student
Maria Portnov, 2rd year BA nursing student
Shulamit Greenfield, BA Nursing student
Merav Bilia, BA Nursing student
Hila Fargon, BA Nursing student
Amalia Shoham, BA Nursing student
Dikla Bargil, BA Nursing student
Yfat Bar Zackay, BA Nursing student
Zlil Cohen, BA Nursing student

2015 Ethiopian Nursing Students

The Dina Nursing School is working to offer a significant educational opportunity to academically successful and immigrant students, specifically Ethiopians and Russians, from low socio-economic backgrounds. For these students, studying for a nursing career is a stepping-stone towards integration into this professional field and an important channel for personal empowerment and social mobility. Furthermore, it promotes equality among various social groups and the narrowing of socio-economic gaps. Our vision is to provide scholarships to students from disadvantaged communities who want to commit to academic studies and become a professional nurse.

The following are stories of Ethiopian women studying nursing in Israel:

Almaz Hailo made aliyah from Ethiopia to Israel when she was 8 years old. She served in the army for two years before going to college to study social sciences. She now is following her dream to be a nurse and care for others.

Hewan Elias moved to Israel from Ethiopia with her family through Sudan and experienced many difficulties including losing her mother and sister due to the lack of medical expertise. She joined the army in Israel before studying human resources and sociology in college. She now is fulfilling her dream to succeed in nursing, as she is currently a nursing student.

Moriya Tagay immigrated to Israel at the age of 3 years old with her parents and seven brothers and sisters. She served in the Israeli army for two years before beginning her nursing studies. Moriya is now a 2nd year nursing student at Rabin Medical’s Beilinson Hospital.

Racheli Adgeh made aliyah to Israel from Ethiopia with her brothers in 1984, facing many difficulties along the way. After high school, Racheli joined the army for 2 years while volunteering at a clinic. She is now able to fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse with the help of the AFRMC scholarship. She is currently a 2nd year nursing student at Rabin Medical’s Beilinson Hospital.

Help fund an Ethiopian Nursing Student through the following gifts:

$3,500: Nursing Certification Tuition for 1 year.
$7,000: Nursing Certification Diploma Tuition for 2.5 years.
$14,000: Nursing Certification and Bachelor’s Degree Tuition for 4 years.