Safe Driving a Top Priority

Many people don't realize that more Israelis die in road accidents than in war and terrorist attacks. Ambulances arrive regularly at Rabin Medical Center's emergency room with people wounded in road accidents, many of them severely injured and under the age of 30. In 2009 alone the Israeli police registered 1,137 road accidents with casualties, of which 18 were fatal accidents and 77 had life-threatening injuries.

As one of the leading medical institutions in Israel, Rabin Medical Center is doing its utmost to improve this situation and effect a change. The hospital recently organized a special "Road Safety Day". The staff of the hospital, over 4500 in total, found their cars decorated with colorful balloons to signify this special event, organized by a special voluntary committee of staff members in conjunction with the National Authority for Road Safety and the municipality of Petach Tikva.

Booths were set up throughout the hospital and pamphlets and other informational material were handed out to raise awareness about the importance of cautious and safe driving to prevent road accidents. In addition, all of the hospital's computers flashed pictures of road accidents to remind everyone to do their part toward fostering a culture of safer driving. which can definitely reduce the number of road accidents and the number of wounded and casualties. Education is instrumental to reducing the number of road accidents and casualties. Rabin Medical Center has launched a "War for Safety", and has made safe driving a top priority.

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