The Circle of Life: Great Grand Daughter of Rabin Born at Hospital

Any hospital in Israel would have been proud to deliver her baby, but Noa Rotman, the granddaughter of the late Prime Minister Itzhak Rabin, decided to give birth at the hospital which bears his name, Rabin Medical Center.

Noa gave birth to baby girl weighing 7 1/2 lbs at the Helen Schneider Hospital for Women at Rabin Medical Center under the care of Prof. Moshe Hod, Head of the Maternal Fetal Division. Both mother and daughter are resting comfortable in the maternity ward where the baby nursery bears the name of her grandmother, the late Leah Rabin. This nursery was donated by Queen Noor of Jordan on Leah's 70th birthday.

Noa spoke of her experience at the Rabin Medical Center, "This is an extremely special moment for me, the closing of a circle, since my baby was born in a hospital which bears my grandfathers name and her first home is a nursery which meant so much to my grandmother Leah."

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