To Life L'chaim

Prof. Pierre Singer, Shirley Marder, and Prof. Ziv Ben-Ari

As she walked toward the exit of the Rabin Medical Center, twenty-seven year old Shirley Marder felt very lucky to be alive. Only several weeks ago, Shirley was brought to the Rabin Medical Center in critical condition, after having taking Nurophen for pain caused by having her wisdom tooth pulled. Though extremely rare the seemingly innocent pain pills caused her to go into liver failure and she was transferred from another hospital to the General Intensive Care Unit of Rabin Medical Center, headed by Prof. Pierre Singer.

Together with Prof. Ziv Ben-Ari, head of the Liver Institute at the Rabin Medical Center and a renowned specialist in liver diseases, Prof. Singer undertook Shirley's care. At first it seemed only a liver transplant could save her life and all over Israel people prayed that they would find a match. Finally, a liver was found, but before the transplant began the intensive medical treatment which Shirley had begun at the Rabin Medical Center started working and the need for an immediate life saving transplant was put on hold. This special treatment which included Plasmapheresis, which removes toxic substances from the blood, and the ongoing twenty-four hour care by Prof. Singer and Prof. Ben Ari truly saved Shirley's life.

Holding her head up high, hugging her parents, smiling, and surrounded by the press, Shirley Marder went home to begin a long recovery, knowing that at any minute our lives can charge forever.

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