Patients Receive Life Saving Transplants

This month, there was a peak of liver transplants in one week at Israel’s Rabin Medical Center and at The Schneider Children's Hospital. Prof. Eytan Mor, Head of Transplantation Department at Rabin Medical Center and at The Schneider Children's Hospital: "We've never performed liver transplants day after day for an entire full week."

In an out of the ordinary operation last week, five liver transplants were performed day after day at Rabin Medical Center and at the Schneider Children's Hospital. The organ recipients were all in advanced stages of illnesses and in need of a lifesaving transplant. Patients included a 14 year old child, a teenager 18.5 years old, a woman in her sixties, and two men in their fifties.

Rachan Nugyeduth an 18 year old teenager describes her experience,"As a child I had to watch myself all of the time and couldn't run and play like all of the other kids. I was always afraid my stomach would get injured. Instead of being with the other kids in the playground, I would go to get my dialysis. Now, thanks to this [liver] donation, I can continue growing like other teenagers my age."

Prof. Eytan Mor, Head of Transplantation Department at Rabin Medical Center and The Schneider Children’s Hospital states, "We are taking about a massive transplant marathon which we haven't had for years – in one week we performed 5 transplants. In Israel there are over than 200 people waiting for liver transplants to save their life. I hope this is a good sign for a blessed year with organ donors."

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