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The Varian Trilogy Linear Accelerator Treatment Machine

During the last few years, with the development of a new generation of linear accelerators, tremendous advances have been made in radiation therapy treatment for cancer patients. The linear accelerator, the machine most often used to deliver external beam radiation, works by damaging the DNA of cancer cells so they can no longer reproduce and aims to stop the cancer from growing and spreading.

The Trilogy Linear Accelerator, the most advanced accelerator available in the world today, spares healthy tissues to an extent that was simply unimaginable a few years ago. It can treat cancer anywhere in the body and targets tumors much more precisely, allowing the radiologist to deliver a higher dose of radiation and decrease the number of required treatment sessions.

This amazing technology is now available to cancer patients at the Rabin Medical Center's Davidoff Cancer Center. It is the only one in Israel. The Davidoff Center, which treats almost 20% of all Israel's cancer patients, opened it doors in 2005 and is known to be one of the most outstanding technologically advanced centers for the treatment of malignant diseases in the Middle East.

This new Linear Accelerator is the third linear accelerator in the Davidoff Center, with each one located in a special suite designed for maximum comfort and care. It is the hope of Dr. Naftaly Meydan, the director of the center, to have five advanced linear accelerators by the year 2012.

We all know that when a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer the only thing on our minds is to obtain the best treatment available. The Davidoff Center aims to meet those needs utilizing the latest technologies, best medications and expert physicians, working together to design the best treatment plan for each of the patients.

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