Sharing Knowledge: Rabin Medical Center Meets With Israel Defense Medical Corps

Prof. Ofer Shpilberg

Over 130 physicians and medical personnel from the Israel Defense Forces Medical Corps participated in a one day seminar organized by the Department of Hematology at Rabin Medical Center, headed by Prof. Ofer Shpilberg.

Experts from the Department of Hematology gave presentations on many aspects of hematological problems which these doctors face when initially treating solders injured in the field and in their medical clinics. The seminar offered important information for rapid diagnosis and treatment, which can be lifesaving.

Brigadier General Dr. Nachman Ash, who heads the Israeli army's Medical Corps, participated in the seminar and said he was truly impressed by the outstanding capabilities and expertise of the Department of Hematology. He emphasized the importance of continued ongoing cooperation between the Israel Defense Forces and the hospital.

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