Lifesaving Heroics

Prof. Israel Meizner with Limor Agamy and her son

Professor Israel Meizner, head of the Ultrasound Unit at Rabin Medical Center's Hospital for Women, has performed thousands of ultrasounds and invasive procedures on pregnant women throughout his long career, but nothing like the extraordinary ultrasound of Limor Agamy. In her twentieth week of pregnancy, a huge cyst was observed in the right fetal lung and doctors attempted to alleviate this problem using pleuro-amniotic shunting to drain the fluids. During this procedure, Prof. Meizner discovered that the fetal pleural cavity had filled with blood, the heart was compressed to the side, and there was only a faint heartbeat. It was obvious that the fetus was dying.

Without a second thought, Prof. Meizner performed a lifesaving procedure by placing a needle straight into the fetal thorax and pumping out the blood that had accumulated. As he carried out this very delicate and dangerous procedure, the fetus's lungs expanded and a normal heartbeat was restored, saving the unborn baby's life. In her thirty-eighth week of pregnancy, Limor gave birth to a beautiful healthy son. Her joy was indescribable.

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