Enduring Friendship: Remembering Seymour Rosenthal

Seymour Rosenthal

In August 2006, Rabin Medical Center lost a very dear friend and patron with the passing of Seymour Rosenthal, who together with his loving wife Lillian, are among the founding members of American Friends of Rabin Medical Center. Seymour’s warmth, compassion, and great generosity made a difference in the lives of all those who were privileged to have known him.

In tribute to his enormous contribution to Rabin Medical Center, a special research scholarship in Seymour’s name, "The Seymour Rosenthal Prize of Excellence," was presented to Professor Aida Inbal.

Professor Aida Inbal, head of the Unit of Thrombosis and Homeostasis in the Institute of Hematology at Rabin Medical Center, is grateful to be the recipient of this scholarship, which will enable additional work to be done on an important research project concerning the role of novel prothrombinase, a fibrinogen- like protein (fgl-2), in complications of pregnancy. It is hoped that the results of this research study will confirm the significance of fg12 in pregnancy loss and difficulties and will target fg12 as a potential therapy for the prevention of these complications, thus increasing the chance for a full term healthy baby.

Such a study would have been approved of by Seymour Rosenthal who loved life and would no doubt be grateful for the opportunity to help bring new life into the world. We will always be thankful to have known Seymour Rosenthal and will forever value his friendship and devotion to our medical facility.

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