The Year in Review at Rabin Medical Center

Another year of excellent medical services for all citizens of Israel.

9,116 babies were born

    4,587 boys and 4,529 girls
    251 pairs of twins
    3 sets of triplets

172 men and women were "reborn"

    8 heart transplants
    46 lung transplants
    1 heart-lung transplant
    25 liver transplants
    92 kidney transplants
    46 Bone Marrow Transplants
    29 Autologous transplants (cells from their own body)
    17 Allogenic transplants (cells from a donor)

4,993 got a new lease on life

    918 cardiac operations
    4,075 cardiac catheterizations

3,803 opened their eyes

    119 corneal transplants
    3,684 cataract operations

Our Patients

    696,813 Outpatient Visits
    164,881 ER admissions
    12,351 MRI scans
    44,952 CT images
    422,115 Days of Hospitalization
    138,560 Admissions
    36,972 Surgeries
    5,126 were treated following road accidents
    19 soldiers were treated during Operation Cast Lead

They were all treated with compassionate superb care by the 4,500 staff members: 992 physicians, 1, 877 nurses and other healthcare professionals.

More than 150 beautiful sculptures and artwork can be seen throughout the hospital and on the hospital grounds.

Rabin Medical Center is one of 14 Clalit Health Service Hospitals throughout Israel. Clalit Health Services is the leading HMO in Israel and the second largest in the world, with more than 4 million members (54% of the total Israeli population), 1300 community clinics and hundreds of institutes.

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