Healing the Patient's Soul

The fight against cancer is an ongoing battle. We are at war with this disease and we must fight it with all the means we have available. Though time is not on our side and cancer is the number two killer in the Western World today, there is some hope on the horizon. There has been great improvement in diagnostic tools, and advanced treatment options have developed thanks to amazing research that has been done in this field. But from the patient's view, these improvements provide greater challenges in dealing with this disease, which make its treatment more and more complicated and strenuous.

In trying to come to terms with these treatments, many cancer patients are finding that integrating their conventional cancer care with alternative medicines help overcome many of these obstacles. That is why Rabin Medical Center is pleased to develop The Unit for Integrative Medicine at the Davidoff Center. Working simultaneously with the multi disciplinary team of specialists developing individualized patient treatment, the patient can now combine conventional medicine with alternative treatments, such as acupuncture, herbal remedies, and hypnosis.

Dr. Ofer Caspi, the head of this unit, is considered an expert and leader in the emerging field of integrative medicine. Dr. Caspi studied at Hadassah University in Jerusalem and Harvard University. Upon completion of his studies, he traveled to China where he studied traditional Chinese medicine.

Over the years, it has been shown that a patient's state of mind is crucial in helping him/her triumph over disease. The Davidoff Center was founded on the concept of providing comprehensive medicine, and every effort has been made to incorporate all aspects of care for patients so as to provide the very best treatments in a calm, serene atmosphere, ever mindful of patient's wishes.

Rabin Medical Center is proud of the Unit for Integrative Medicine that fulfills a vision of the founders of the Davidoff Center, a cancer center that, as Dr. Oppenheim says, "not long ago seemed like a distant dream."

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