Remembering Seymour Rosenthal

American Friends of Rabin Medical Center mourns the passing of our dear friend, Seymour Rosenthal, a dedicated executive board member, and extends its deepest sympathies to his wife Lillian, and her family. Seymour was a mentsch, a gentleman, and a true friend of Israel and Rabin Medical Center. May the Rosenthal family be comforted together with all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

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Never Too Old

Prof Moshe Salai, head of Orthopedics at Rabin Medical Center, told us that 30 years ago when he was just beginning his career, he was shocked to be told that there was no point in treating people over eighty years old suffering from fractures in the femoral neck.

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Rabin Medical Center Continues to Lead

For the first time in Israel, Rabin Medical Center's Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, headed by Dr. Eyal Porat, implanted an artificial heart as a replacement for a real heart.

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New Emergency and Trauma Center

The Rabin Medical Center Emergency Department, a national Level One trauma center located in the highly populated center of Israel, had not been updated since the 1960s.

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