Genetics is the Future

As the trend in medicine continues to point toward the importance of human gene discoveries in predicting, preventing, and treating diseases, Rabin Medial Center is now in the midst of constructing a new, state-of-the-art Genetics Institute.

The Genetics Institute is being built thanks to the generosity of the Recanati family, who for many years has been friends and very generous supporters of the hospital and is the benefactor of this distinctive, unique facility.

Scheduled to open in November 2006, the new twostory institute will have the most modern up-to-date clinics and laboratories, with state-of-the-art equipment and medical tools for diagnostic genetic testing. Directed by Prof. Mordechai Shohat, the institute will provide comprehensive genetic services and include: genetic clinics, genetic counseling, comprehensive cytogenetic services, diagnostic services in molecular genetics, and biochemical survey tests for prenatal diagnosis–all at levels that were previously impossible.

In addition, there are plans in the future to begin expansive genetic testing in other medical disciplines. Classification of specific malignant diseases will allow matching of individual treatment plans for patients. Physiological genetic principles will lead to improvement of medication use for many diseases, and the genetic makeup of cardiac disorders may hopefully relate to treatment and prevention.

Israel is extremely active in the field of genetic testing because due to the consanguinity among the Arab population and the high percentage of Jewish genetic diseases, there is great opportunity to accumulate families for screening, testing and research.

This new medical facility will allow Rabin Medical Center to advance to new frontiers. Prof. Shohat, who has practiced in this field for more than 16 years, foresees vast discoveries in future genetic research.

Genetics holds great promise for the future of medicine and Rabin Medical Center plans to be part of this exciting future.

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