Israeli National Basketball Team Scores 100 at Rabin Medical Center

NBA player Omri Caspi signing a basketball which was presented to Dr. Eyran Halpern, CEO of RMC

The Israeli National Basketball team recently visited Rabin Medical Center where they underwent their annual medical checkup at the hospitals First Class Institute. Among the team members was Omri Caspi, who in 2009 was the first Israeli to be selected in the first round of the NBA draft and the first to play in an NBA game. Today he is a successful NBA player for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Other players came from Europe as well and between their medical tests the team members had a chance to talk basketball and exchange ideas for their upcoming games.

Dr. Eyran Halpern, CEO of Rabin Medical Center welcomed the team, where he received an autographed basketball signed by players and said that he takes great pride in the countries wonderful basketball team.

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