Oncology Department Opens at the Davidoff Center

Rabin Medical Center is pleased to announce the opening of the Department of Oncology, which ushers in a new era in cancer care and treatment. This ultra-modern 32-bed facility has both the patient and the family's interests in mind. Each room is provided with an additional bed for accompanying family members who wish to be near the side of their loved ones. The floor boasts a visitor's room with a large plasma television, warm lighting throughout the hallways, soothing colors throughout and wall sculptures by the famous artist Dudu Gerstein.

Equally impressive is the vigilance with which cancer is fought, based on a multi-disciplinary protocol, utilizing staff from every relevant department. One recent visitor from Canada, who had come to be by his mother's side, said, "there is nothing in Canada that can compare to this oncology department, and I can see that my mother is really getting the best care possible."

New floors and wings are opening at the Davidoff Center daily. The Physicians' Floor has just opened, soon to be followed by the Department of Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplantation. Cancer patients at Rabin Medical Center will soon benefit from easy access to all their treatments and physicians, with the intent of placing patients' needs above all else.

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