Heart Surgeries Televised Globally

Washington D.C. Cardiology Conference

The prestigious Division of Cardiology at Rabin Medical Center, headed by Prof. Alexander Battler, is the leading facility for heart patients in Israel. Its Institute of Interventional Cardiology, directed by the renowned Prof. Ran Kornowski, together with the Catheterization Unit at Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel, presented three catheterization procedures by live broadcast to participants at the world's largest and most prestigious interventional cardiology conference in Washington D.C. The conference was attended by more than 10,000 cardiologists. The three procedures involved both adult and pediatric cardiology, and Prof. Ran Kornowski said that the Israeli team complex catheterization procedures that are among the most advanced in the world, including a new generation modular coated stent and a virtual imaging technique utilized in Rabin Medical Center's Catheterization Laboratory. One procedure performed was a catheterization to open a blocked artery, utilizing new virtual catheterization technology (Angio CT) and a novel drug-eluting stent, "Endeavour Resolute", developed in Israel.

Rabin Medical Center and Schneider Children's Medical Center are both part of Clalit Health Services, share the same campus and cooperate closely. Together they perform over 5,000 catheterization procedures annually, which is the largest number in any medical center in Israel today.

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