Nigerian Urology Fellow at Rabin Medical Center

Dr. Dejuma Osman Kalba and Dr. David Lifshitz, Nigerian Urology Fellowship

Out of all the hospitals in the world, Dr. Dejuma Osman Kalba, Head of the Department of Urology at one of the best hospitals in Nigeria which treats the president and other dignitaries, choose to undergo a short clinical fellowship at Israel's Rabin Medical Center. The fellowship focused on minimally invasive urologic surgery, under Dr. David Lifshitz, the head of the Minimally Invasive Urology Unit at Rabin Medical Center, which is on the prestigious list of official fellowship sites recognized by the World Endourological Society.

Dr. Lifshitz, a known expert and specialist in this field received his training by the renowned Prof. James E. Lingeman of the Methodist Hospital of Indiana. The Minimally Invasive Urology Unit at Rabin Medical Center is one of the few such centers in Israel and by far the largest and most advanced, receiving urinary stone patients from throughout Israel. Featuring state of the art technology and equipped with the latest instrumentation, the expert team of surgeons perform the most sophisticated and complicated minimally invasive surgery procedures.

Dr. Kalba's fellowship was for a period of six weeks during which he studied the technique of minimally invasive urologic surgery and participated in minimally invasive procedures to remove kidney stones including uereterosocpic procedures in the kidney and percutaneous procedures.

When asked about his experience at the Rabin Medical Center Dr. Kalba reflected, "I am certain that the expertise which I have gained from Dr. Lifshitz and his expert team of surgeons will assist me in treating patients in Nigeria suffering from renal calculi as well as tumors of the collecting system as until now there were no experts in this field." He also added that in the capitol of Nigeria, Abuja, there are 5 million residents and only three urologists!

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