Continued Advancement in Research Development at the Charles E. Trobman Data Center of Rabin Medical Center

American Friends of Rabin Medical Center is fortunate for such wonderful board members and supporters like Phyllis and Malcolm Trobman. The Trobmans established the Trobman Center at the Davidoff Cancer Center at Israel's Rabin Medical Center to honor the cherished memory of their son, Charles, who tragically passed away as a young man.

We arepleased to report continued advancement in research development at the Charles E. Trobman Data Center of Israel's Rabin Medical Center. In the past year, major developments in new medications and modern technologies have flourished in the Oncology arena.

Current projects are highly dependent on research and aide in the development of better medications and specified models of treatments for cancer patients. Currently, we have more than 10 renowned full time staff managing over 20 actively recruiting experimental studies for treatments related to toxicity.

In 2012, the Trobman Data Center published research defining ovarian vascular toxicity in patients and how to ameliorate it when compared to other organ toxicity levels. This research was a cooperative effort involving basic, translational and clinical research completed at our site along with the cooperation of Rabin Medical Center's Women's Hospital and Tel Aviv University main laboratory.

During the year of 2013, The Charles E. Trobman Data Center is introducing new collaborations to define innovative projects in cancer genomics with the new Bar Ilan University School of Medicine in Safed, Israel. It is Rabin Medical Center's hope to enhance this type of research collaboration in several diseases such as hepatocellular cancer and other malignancies.

Due to the Trobman Center's standard of excellence and increased performance studies, patient care has significantly increased in 2012. Yet as part of the growth, we are facing severe shortage in space and more sophisticated research facilities, which are crucial for our ongoing work. These next few years in cancer research are extremely critical. The Trobman Center must continue to increase our research activity, welcoming new and shared ideas in cancer discovery.

Your partnership is vital to these efforts as cancer research still remains the ultimate weapon to fighting this disease.

Please be our partners in the fight against cancer and perpetuate the memory of Charles E. Trobman through the good works of the Data Center that bears his name at Israel's Rabin Medical Center.

We invite you to join our newest project at the Charles E. Trobman Oncology Data Management Center's at Israel's Rabin Medical Center - the Rabin Medical Fellow Exchange program. We are seeking a total funding for one Rabin Medical Fellow to study and conduct research in the United States or Israel for four weeks to benefit The Charles E. Trobman Oncology Data Management Center. Your contribution will allow top doctors, researchers, and medical practitioners to share vital, cutting edge research and expertise from the across the United State and Israel.

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