Breathing Easy: New Pulmonary Institute Opens at Rabin Medical Center

Rabin Medical Center proudly inaugurated their new Pulmonary Institute-the largest and most advanced in Israel.

  • 19,000 patients annually
  • 90 patients are in need of a lung transplant
  • On an average day one of their patients is diagnosed with lung cancer
  • 470 of their patients underwent a lung transplant

Rabin Medical Center's Pulmonary Institute, headed by the Prof. Mordechai Kramer, is the only facility in Israel for comprehensive medical management of patients with pulmonary diseases, including cancer, cystic fibrosis, emphysema and asthma and is the only hospital in the country performing lung transplantations. It has unique services for pre- and post-transplant care and over the past several years has seen an extremely dramatic increase in the demand of services.

The new Institute of Pulmonary Medicine, a much larger, innovative facility, equipped with the most advanced modalities will be able to provide its patients the best possible life saving care. The Institute was constructed following strict standards to ensure the well-being of patients with breathing disorders, including special infrastructure for air filtering. The Institute’s Bronchoscopy Service was built in conformance to operating room standards in terms of size, modern infrastructure and the need for hygienic surroundings. New equipment such as endoscopic ultrasound, lung volume reduction techniques for end stage emphysema, laser, stents as well as an endobronchial radiation for cancer and bronchial thermoplasty for asthma will be performed in the new facility.

Other services include asthma clinic pulmonary hypertension clinic, pulmonary rehabilitation, a sleep laboratory and an allergy unit.

"I am proud to be the director of a pulmonary institute of international standards, with a level of patient care and technologies on par with renowned pulmonary facilities worldwide. We will now be able to provide the most advanced, complicated state of the art pulmonary care in the most modern up to date medical facilities," stated Prof. Mordechai Kramer.

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