Angels In White

"Our dream is to save more and more lives." These are the words of Prof. Pierre Singer, Head of the Intensive Care Department at Rabin Medical Center, words that take on unique meaning during times of war when he works around the clock to treat some of the most severely wounded soldiers, especially flown in by helicopter from the battlefield to the hospital. During the Gaza War in January 2009 he and his wonderful medical team have been giving lifesaving treatment to two very special soldiers in their care.

Ben is only 19 years old, a soldier in the Golani Brigade. He was one of the first soldiers gravely wounded in the war in Gaza and brought to Rabin Medical Center. Ben arrived at the hospital by helicopter, in critical condition with extensive injuries to both his arms, a severe head trauma and chest injuries. Following a long and difficult surgery his condition has been stabilized, and he is now breathing on his own but is still unconscious. Prof. Singer knows that Ben faces a lengthy and difficult healing process, though everyone hopes and believes that he will recover. Ben is young, which is very positive for his recovery prospects, and there have indeed been miraculous recoveries of soldiers such as Ben. Ben's father called Prof. Singer an "angel in white."

On the morning right after his wedding, one of the happiest days in his life, Aharon went off to war. He is an officer in the paratroopers. Barely two weeks later he was severely injured in Gaza by a Hamas bomb. Aharon's father explained how a newly married groom could make such a sacrifice of going to war right after his wedding: "According to Jewish law, in a war of self-defense even a newly married groom must fight," he explained. "More than that, he is a commander who knows his soldiers and has prepared them, and he couldn't just leave them on their own."

Aaron arrived at Rabin Medical Center suffering from shrapnel wounds to his head and bilateral chest injuries. After complicated surgery he regained consciousness, and with his new wife and family right by his side he is now fighting to overcome his injuries and have his life back, a battle we are sure he will win.

Prof. Pierre Singer and his wife Joelle, a senior physician at Rabin Medical Center, immigrated from France to Israel in 1982. Several years later he became head of the Intensive Care Department at Rabin Medical Center. Under his direction the department has advanced and grown to become one of the finest in Israel. It is truly his dedication, passion and compassion for his patients and their families along with an excellent team of doctors and nurses, that has been responsible for saving so many lives, not only during wartime but every day of the year.

We also urgently need the following emergency medical equipment:

USD $360 Laryngoscopes: For quick lifesaving intubations for soldiers
USD $10,000 ER Transport Stretcher: Outstanding mobility, quality and comfort for the transfer of soldiers from place to place

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