Advancing Women's Healthcare in the Arab Israeli Population

L-R: Dr. Abeer Massarwa and Prof. Marek Glazerman, Director of the Women's Hospital at Rabin Medical Center

In continued support and friendship with Rabin Medical Center, Harold and Tamar Snyder have generously funded an internship in the field of gynecology. This grant has been awarded to Dr. Abeer Massarwa, a young physician from the city of Taybi, located northeast of Tel Aviv in an area with a large Israeli Arab population. The six-year specialization program will take place under the supervision of Dr. Marek Glazerman, Director of the Women's Hospital at Rabin Medical Center, and will enable Dr. Massarwa to fulfill her dreams of becoming a gynecologist who can provide essential gynecological services to the women of her community. She hopes to combine her work in the hospital with work in her community, advancing women's healthcare in the Israeli Arab population, where many stigmas still exist that require women physicians whom women in the community can trust and depend on. She also hopes that by being an Arab female gynecologist, she will become a role model and have an opportunity to increase the status of both Arab and Jewish women across the country.

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