The Earlier the Better: Probing Malignancies in Newborns

(L-R) Prof.Wolfgang Holzgreve, Prof. Marek Glazerman, Prof. Israel Meisner

Building on their established international partnership, GE Healthcare and Rabin Medical Center are developing innovative products and working on creative medical solutions to facilitate the early diagnosis of medical problems in pregnant women and their fetuses. An international data registry on fetal tumors is already in progress, which will assist in treating malignant conditions in both fetuses and newborns. Prof. Israel Meisner, head of RMC's Obstetric Ultrasound Unit, said tumors such as Neuroblastoma can be fully cured if discovered early in a fetus, and he believes this registry is important.

The data registry project was inaugurated during a conference at Rabin Medical Center on Women's Healthcare organized by GE Healthcare Israel, headed by Tony Bachar, and by the Rabin Medical Center's Women's Hospital, headed by Prof. Marek Glazerman. Among the honored guests present was Prof. Wolfgang Holzgreve, head of obstetrics and gynecology at the renowned University of Basel in Switzerland.

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