Combating Diabetes in Collaboration with the Israeli-Arab Community

The Israeli National Health Insurance Bill enacted in 1995 entitles every Israeli citizen to a basic medical care package, yet many of the medical clinics among poverty stricken Israeli-Arab communities remain unable to offer any but the most basic treatments. The Rabin Medical Center, out of its commitment to the health and well-being of all Israelis and with the support of American friends from New Hampshire, is providing equipment, expertise and training for the general public in the nearby town of Kfar Kassem, which like many Arab-Israeli communities suffers with an inordinate incidence of type-two diabetes.

In light of the success and worthiness of this effort, the Rabin Medical Center and the American Friends of Rabin Medical Center would like to establish a similar program in the village of Jaljulia, whose 8,000 residents are but fifteen minutes further away. With your support, we may be able to bring necessary help to people who would otherwise suffer, and work towards eliminating this entirely preventable condition among a disadvantaged population. For further information, please call our office at (212) 279-2522 or email us. Please help the people of Jaljulia today!

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