Your Life Fits on a Key

Professor Moshe Hod

Imagine a situation in which someone from Jerusalem visits her mother in New York when suddenly she experiences excruciating stomach pains and is rushed by ambulance to the nearest hospital. After giving them her health insurance card, she also hands them her key ring which contains a disk on key. When this is connected to the hospital computer, it will provide full access to her LifeOnKey virtual medical file containing all her medical information allowing for immediate, quick, decisive, and accurate medical care.

LifeOnKey, developed by Global Medical Networks International Ltd. (a company registered in Ireland with its R&D unit in Or Yehuda, Israel) contains the patients computerized medical records and is the hottest medical technology on the market today. Though its use worldwide may still be a distant dream, the Maternal Fetal Division at Rabin Medical Center, directed by Prof. Moshe Hod, is already spearheading the effort for Rabin Medical Center.

Prof. Hod is currently leading a project whereby Rabin Medical Center, together with 21 European hospitals, will set up an eHealth Network (Electronic Patient Centered Network), based on LifeOnKey for patients suffering from diabetes in pregnancy. All the hospitals involved in the project will share a secure database that will include the medical records of all these patients. This network will allow these hospitals to share information and cooperate in the prevention, treatment, management and research of diabetes in pregnancy.

This project will undoubtedly strengthen the knowledge and understanding of this disease and open new avenues of treatment and solutions for each and every patient. In essence, it is only the beginning, and as Prof. Hod says,"LifeOnKey will eventually improve the outcome of medical care locally, nationally and internationally, effecting and improving all areas of medicine."

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